Do you want a thriving new lawn? In around 3 weeks?
For a fraction of the cost of instant turf?
If you answered YES! YES! and YES! Call AQUASEEDING, the spray-on lawn professionals, for the proven quick and cheap solution!
Low Cost Here's the answer to your prayers within three weeks you could have a thriving, brand-new lawn. But it only costs a fraction the price of conventional turf.
Fast Growing AQUASEEDING's fast grass solves all the problems. The grass seed is mixed with just the right quantity of mulch fibre, fertilizer and water. They are mixed and sprayed into your topsoil at high pressure.
The right formula We test your soil and select the right seed for your conditions. The fertilizer and mulch are then carefully balanced, as is the cover density.
Preparation For any kind of lawn, good ground preparation is essential. AQUASEEDING is no exception here. We can advise you on the steps to take before application.
Easy care Once AQUASEEDING has been sprayed, it's easy to care for. It just needs to be regularly watered, mowed and fed - it's all set out in our simple maintenance guide.
Erosion Best of all the mulch nurtures the growing seeds and holds them in place during showers to reduce the risk of a patchy lawn.
Any Area From a nature strip to a football oval, we have the capacity to seed any area.

Call us for a quote right now. If you've already had a quote for turf laying, all the better - you'll be amazed at the huge saving you make by AQUASEEDING.
Background The AOUASEEDING system was developed for major landscape works, large development projects, grassing freeway verges and reseeding sports grounds.

When it became obvious that many householders were searching for a simple solution to the big headache of lawn laying, we constructed smaller pump trucks and developed formulas for domestic gardens. But we bring with us the knowledge, professionalism, and ethics of major contractors. You can have confidence that we stand by our guarantees. So call us now, and get that new lawn started today.
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