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Landfill Revegetation - Victoria

Our services were needed recently for a regional Landfill where rehabilitation of the site
involved re-establishing grass.

Our Site Inspection revealed a Winter and Spring timeline, so we worked with our customer
developing a solution using our Tractor Fleet.

The result ? The photo speaks for itself.
And, the project was completed ahead of time and budget.

This change in methodology allowed our Client to :
– select the best solution for the Project, and
– benefit from our experience and wide selection of Plant infrastructure.

Rainforest Revegetation - NSW

Foxground & Berry Bypass - NSW

This is an Environmental Project we are particularly proud of being involved in.
The construction of the Foxground and Berry Bypass in NSW provided the opportunity
to re-establish Rainforest that had been cleared when the area was originally settled.

Revegetation of this site required the establishment of native Grasses, Shrubs and Trees
with specific mixes for different parts of the site.

Our solution was to incorporate Rainforest species into the Hydromulch mixes,
allowing the site to be stabilised and revegetated immediately after topsoiling had been completed.

The result ?
– A significant time-saving on stabilising and planting the site at a later date, and
– With the new road opening in 2017 & sections of Revegetation area being 18 months old,
there is an immediate, positive visual and environmental impact at project completion.

Buangor Bypass (Regional VIC)

Dust Suppression

Erosion Control

Buangor Bypass in Western Victoria was under construction, but with Christmas fast approaching
and the project team due to take a well-earned break, this presented a problem – the site
had large areas of unstabilised soil that had the potential to create a dust hazard,

To allow the team their Christmas break and ensure the all-important safety of the
travelling Public, a polymer was applied using our Hydromulchers to bind the soil at the surface,
including any stockpiles (as pictured).

The result? The coating lasted several months, mitigating not only the short term dust risk,
but also reducing the traditional requirement for ongoing watering using water carts –
big water usage and time savings right there.

Toorourrong Reservoir Park - VIC

Recreational Parklands

Re-establishing Grassed Areas


After the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires, Parks Victoria asked us to assist with the $5 million
redevelopment of the Toorourrong Reservoir Park at Whittlesea.

We were immediately faced with areas where poor, or no vehicle access, was available.

Using our Hydromulching process, we were able to re-establish 1.8 hectares of Cool Season Grass
for recreational use throughout this Parkland, improving a community asset for all Victorians.